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"To keep the peace, I do show things to my family before they come out, ... It's like a 'heads up, here's what I'm writing. If you really have a problem with it or you're never going to talk to me again, give me a call.'"
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"So to D.J. it didn't make any sense that his two dads, both boys, would contemplate marrying each other, ... Boys weren't supposed to be interested in marriage any more than they were supposed to be interested in dolls or dresses or fairy tales about princesses."
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"I don't think that sin and pursuing happiness are not necessarily the same thing."
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"I do think people should get married,"
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"You're here to share mementos of a failed relationship and tell your sad story. This is our ninth one. If you've been to every one of the bashes with something to destroy, you may be the one with the problems in the relationship."
"How can you tell somebody whose is pursuing happiness that they're somehow not American when that was the very first promise that America made?"

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