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Shelley Berkley Quotes

10 Shelley Berkley quotes:

"The latest allegations only compound existing deficiencies at the quality assurance program as identified last year by the General Accountability Office and outlined in its April 2004 report, 'Yucca Mountain: Persistent Quality Assurance Problems Could Delay Repository Licensing and Operation,'"
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"In the eyes of many, America is no different than the former regime in Iraq that brutally tortured and intimidated prisoners."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: America Quotes
"There are growing voices in the nuclear power industry that support looking at alternatives to burying nuclear waste 90 minutes outside Las Vegas given the insurmountable obstacles facing Yucca Mountain. With each passing day there are fewer and fewer justifications for moving forward on efforts to bury nuclear waste in Nevada when on-site storage is safe, affordable and already in use."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"I can only imagine the pain,"
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"Not only is privatizing Social Security not the solution to Social Security, it would exacerbate the problem."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"If Congress approves this project, as many as 108,000 shipments of nuclear waste will travel across 45 states,"
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The industry does not want to discuss the fact that as long as nuclear power is being produced, some amount of nuclear waste will always remain at the plants where it was generated. Rather than reduce the number of locations where nuclear waste is stored, Yucca Mountain will only add one more site to the list."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"Congress must not withhold incentives to rebuild from any employer that provides good jobs and tax revenue, if we want to revive the economy of this region, ... Contrary to the biased view of some, the gaming industry must be treated as fairly and equally as any other business when Congress develops legislation to help the Gulf Coast region rebuild."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The House energy bill is a blueprint for more nuclear waste, higher gas prices and a continued dependence on fossil fuels."
Author: Berkley Quotes Category: Dependence Quotes
"There is such a desire to give everybody a piece, we're probably wasting a great deal of homeland security money trying to be politically correct, when we really need to make sure that our cities get the money they need."
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