Janet Jackson Quotes

33 Janet Jackson quotes:

"My first crush was Barry Manilow. He performed on TV and I taped it. When no was around I'd kiss the screen."
"It is my belief that we all have the need to feel special. It is this need that can bring out the best in us, yet the worst in us."
"I kinda see everyone as competition. I'm a very competitive person. But I think that's good. Competition is great. And as long as it's friendly and not a malicious thing, then I think it's cool."
"You dont have to hold on to the pain, to hold on to the memory."
"A lot of times I felt so alone. But I also thought there has to be other people that have experienced either what I have, or close to it."
"All those songs reflect all the people that live within me."
"Another side to me is this very sexual being. When I look back on my life, it's always been there. It's been there since I was 10 years old, having the imagination that I had."
"Big sisters and brothers... I am telling you, it never changes."
"Eddie in costume and make-up with that famous laugh, the minute the cameras started rolling, he became each character. It was amazing!"
"I had a pretty sexual imagination for a kid."
"I have a pretty bad temper. But you have to really push me to see it. But everybody has their things."
"I love working with organizations. I love giving. I want to do more of that. You got to give back. I love helping people, especially children."
"I truly felt that was going to be my last tour. So here we are again and I'm saying this will probably be my last tour. That's truly the way I'm looking at it."
"I wanted to talk about my life. There is so much. I was 18 when I made the record, and I had a lot to say."
"I'm not trying to be malicious. The only thing that Rene actually did with Velvet Rope is the production of the opening of the show."
"I've never been into what am I going to do next, trying to reinvent myself."
"It was the Control album that was really about what I wanted to do."
"My mother is very strong. Aside from wanting her beauty and her heart, I really wanted her strength. And I've always thought I don't have it."
"People do see me as sweet and innocent. Not to say that I am not those things. But I have other sides to me."
"So many women are talking about how they could fall in love with Sherman, and he's someone I could fall in love with because it's about what's inside."

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