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George Hawkins Quotes

7 George Hawkins quotes:

"It has been four years of tremendous activity. Some of the rules he pushed through were some of the most far-reaching in the country. That's what will be his legacy."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"It treats state-approved training programs such as ours as second-class citizens,"
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"The capacity of the land should drive decisions on density, which relies on local dispersion of waste water."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"I can't really defend Labour's management of the police. So I won't."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"It has become a tradition for families from across America to come back to celebrate the New Year here in Gatlinburg."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: America Quotes
"If you only have 15 percent of the work force available for the jobs, where are the rest of the workers going to come from? ... A vast majority of the construction workers on this project will be from out of town in Los Angeles."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"We are pleased that, after going through years of a strenuous and thorough approval process, both the OTS and FDIC have approved our business plan and management team. Castle will be a unique opportunity for investors and is positioned to capitalize on a proven business model."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Approval Quotes

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