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Tim O'Brien Quotes

9 Tim O'Brien quotes:

"Cooper Lighting has a history of community goodwill and generous corporate citizenship. We were pleased to participate in this project for such a well- deserved family."
"There is no evidence Congress ... intended to displace the states as the primary regulators of the medical profession."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We want to give customers an inside view of our implementation so they could have a framework so they could go and do the same thing. If we can shorten the learning curve for our customers and for internal developers, that's success."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Customers Quotes
"It does not exclude him from the process, and we wish his daughter luck."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"There's no question we're not only complying with state and federal law, but we're going above and beyond what's legally required to make it easier on them."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"It's a souvenir. You never know, it may be worth something on eBay."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"This is my first time entering photos. I had some good travel photos from Fiji and Latin America, mostly. Some were above water, and some below. They came out pretty well."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: America Quotes
"This law puts Massachusetts at the forefront of life science research, which holds the promise of curing many of the country's most devastating diseases. She's confident that any ethical issues raised by current research techniques will be rendered moot by the development of more scientific procedures."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"Each year she's filed a full financial disclosure report as required by law and will continue to do so."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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