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"Patrick had an outstanding season and is most worthy of this additional first team All-America recognition. He plays with great passion and has worked hard to become one of the finest linebackers in the country."
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"We have to keep fighting. We were close, but not good enough. I came here to win. We got close, but we let it slip away from us."
"We are glad to come home after playing two away games. And obviously it is college football here in the South. It is going to be fun. We are looking forward to walking through the Grove and looking forward to coming home with a victory."
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"Hayward is a tremendous athlete. He is a player we feel like is going to have a great impact on our defensive line. I am looking forward to him joining our program."
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"The key to our recruiting class is Brent Schaeffer. He's going to be our quarterback. There will be no quarterback controversy at Ole Miss."
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"We obviously have some work to do on offense. I asked the football team to give us 15 great days (in spring drills) and they did that."
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"We could not stop (Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler) on third down. I'm the defensive coordinator, so I take full responsibility."
"We could not stop (Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler) on third down, ... I'm the defensive coordinator, so I take full responsibility."
"The truth came out, and we felt that everything we did was ethical."
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"Bruce Hall made some strides at running back. We moved him there earlier in the week, because we needed depth at that position. We saw he could run the ball when he was at quarterback. He is a tough kid."
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"We had a good practice today. We went through every special situation you can think of. We concentrated on sudden change and overtime. It was needed and good work. We just wanted a practice where we covered all the bases and all the things that can happen in a football game."
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