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Jeremy Bloom Quotes

9 Jeremy Bloom quotes:

"They told me that about college. 'You're going to get hurt, you're too small, you're not going to play.' I love people like that, it inspires me to do it even more."
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"It's so funny because it's such an unknown where I'm going. It's hard to say where I'll be, but one thing's for sure – it will be a competitive situation, which I love, and a team environment, which I sorely missed."
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"Overall, it was a huge success for me. It was a huge honor for me to be a two-time Olympian and have the accomplishments that I've been able to have in skiing. But certainly there was an element of disappointment. ... I expect perfection out of myself, and I didn't ski a perfect run. I was disappointed in that, but I did ski well, and I had a great time."
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"I would think as long as I'm playing, I wouldn't be skiing. I want to be running routes all year long. I would want to be training for football all year, which I've never done."
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"This is it. That was my last race for sure. I'm really looking forward to what's next."
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"As far as the pop culture icon things that come my way, I'm an athlete. It's not something that would ever take away from my training."
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"Well, this is America, so obviously football is the Big Daddy in this country. It gets the most attention and has the most pressure, and that's what I've been really missing. A lot of people love to ski in this country, but it's primarily a recreational sport and that's the way people view it. Competitive skiing is not really on the radar here."
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"To a certain point I feel like competitively I've done it all, looking back on everything with a smile on my face. Football is the missing block. Make it? Don't make it? I need to find that out."
"One thing that I feel like I have been able to do is transition between those two sports very easily."
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