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5 Stanley Cohen quotes:

"In 1976 I was appointed an American Cancer Society Research Professor and in 1986, Distinguished Professor. The works recognized by this Nobel Prize are clearly a group effort of achievement as may be seen from the names associated with our publications on EGF. They share in this honor."
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"We've seen a good response in 40 percent of patients studied. Patients reported they have less pain and feel better overall. They significantly improved in measures of physical disability."
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"I was born in Brooklyn in 1922. Both my mother and father were Russian Jewish emigrants who came to America in the early 1900's. My father was a tailor and my mother, a housewife. Though of limited education themselves, they instilled in me the values of intellectual achievement and the use of whatever talents I possessed."
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"My scientific interests throughout my undergraduate days were directed to cell biology and especially the mysteries of embryonic development."
"My initial interest, just prior to my work on cytokines, was on cell-mediated immunity and delayed hypersensitivity, mostly with respect to the cells that populated these reactions."

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