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13 Sun Microsystems quotes:

"[Banc of America Securities analyst Kurt King maintained his] strong buy ... we continue to see substantial opportunities for revenue upside from our in-print numbers."
"Compuware is excited to see the direction that the NetBeans platform is taking. As a NetBeans framework contributor, Compuware has been very satisfied with NetBeans' improvements over the last couple releases. More importantly, NetBeans has staked out a solid path into the future. These enhancements are critical to the success of products that build on the NetBeans platform?such as Compuware OptimalJ, the market-leading model-driven J2EE development tool."
"the U.S. expression of regret is a step in the right direction by the U.S. side."
"Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me."
"China will exercise special scrutiny and caution, even for items not specifically contained on the control list,"
"Information appliances represent an enormous opportunity for manufacturers who can deliver the right products at the right time,"
"accepted missions from overseas intelligence agencies and took funds for spying activities."
"always focused on each customer ? and in the end, most customers see the value we give them is enduring over the long haul."
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"modest changes in the Java language to support scientific computing"
"The only strategy that was required was to get aggressive in commercial computing space"
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"As they go into the ASP space, Sun is up against companies like IBM that have big services arms,? Ross said."
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"Since this case involves state secrets, it therefore should not be publicized,"
"The kid's parents have not demanded the Chinese side to notify the U.S. embassy,"

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