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"It's absolutely stunning and upsetting to hear. He's certainly one of the major playwrights that America has produced. The only small blessing is that he was able to complete this incredible cycle of plays. He set himself a task some 20 years ago and completed it in a way that no other American playwright ever has, including Eugene O'Neill."
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"[At one point, when an initial investor was fighting the sale and Sherman was ready to back away, his investment banker called him with this blunt message:] 'You make frigging CD cases, Howard,' he told me, ... 'You guys didn't change the world.'"
"We had to have a meeting about what to wear, ... The compromise was to wear black sweaters and slacks!"
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"When I got here, the founders were doing a few design projects that put Top Ramen on the table, ... a natural fit."
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"There's no question that the strike will create immediate problems for city residents who live in the outer reaches of, or outside of, Manhattan and are holding tickets for imminent performances."
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