Red Cavaney Quotes

5 Red Cavaney quotes:

"If Lady Luck smiles on us there won't be a third hurricane, ... Probably no one is more sensitive to the weather in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf than the people in this industry."
Author: Cavaney Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"the mistakes of some past energy policies by trampling the structures of the free marketplace."
Author: Cavaney Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"He can very quickly get to the essence of a conversation. People talk about him as a very skilled negotiator . . . (with) tremendous project management skills, capacity to envision very, very complex undertakings."
"The claims that anticompetitive behavior has contributed to recent gasoline price increases, nationally and in the Midwest, are without any factual basis."
Author: Cavaney Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"We can no longer be fortress America. I think we, like other industries, have been slow in understanding the need to communicate what we're doing to the public and opinion makers."
Author: Cavaney Quotes Category: America Quotes

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