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5 Andrew Stern quotes:

"It has no enforceable standards to stop a union from conspiring with employers to keep another stronger union out or from negotiating contracts with lower pay and standards that members of another union have spent a lifetime establishing."
"I can't think of another entertainment sector that's systematically freezing out half the potential market."
"I'm not a national security expert, I don't have access to that information, [but] I have to presume the threat real enough that it's worth the risk."
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"Nurses play a unique and central role in our health care system, and we need to unite and empower nurses to speak out. Nurses are leaving the bedside in droves because of low pay and working conditions."
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"In Washington, D.C., we are still living in the last century in an industrial revolution, ... India and China are in overdrive and America is in neutral."
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