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Randy Moss Quotes

25 Randy Moss quotes:

"He knows Coach Turner's offense like the back of his hand, ... He knows the plays and the terminologies."
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"Lets go now, this is our time. We are going to have fun now."
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"We had about five guys on the floor. ... We like to have fun."
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"When you're rich you don't write checks."
"My hat is off to the Patriots, man, ... They're a good team. They run good schemes, they've got good ballplayers inside those schemes. I really think that we came out energized, enthused. Late in the game we just didn't have that same energy."
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"I'm in love right now,"
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"He's definitely into every moment in practice,'' said Oakland guard Brad Badger, who played with Moss in Minnesota."
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"I was getting doubled and tripled probably 95 percent of the night. I just wanted to try to work, and when I got single-safety man-to-man, I tried to pick up my game a little bit more. They called the play, the play was designed for me to go deep, and I looked up at the lights, saw the ball drop and had to put my hands on it. I can't hang my hat on that because we lost."
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"As far as building the relationships, I think it's more just believing in one another, ... I think what I've done in my career, a lot of people are looking at me 'Oh, that's Moss, that's Moss.' That's not how I'm approaching this change. I'm approaching it as, I've got to come in here and establish myself. Just like doing it all over again. So I'm trying to work hard."
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"This is probably the best offense I've been in ever, from high school all the way to the pros. To be honest with you, this offense is designed just to hit the open man."
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"I've really taken it from a business standpoint, to just going out and doing my job. I just do whatever I can to help this team get back on top. I'm not looking at it as trying to find a new home. I'm just looking at it, like I said, as a business and just going out there and doing my job. It's been very, you know, mind-racking to get the plays down and knowing where to line up. But I'm enjoying myself."
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"I have been in to see Coach Pruett several times and I came in and saw Coach Snyder a couple months ago, but I try to be low-key and give things back to the people I appreciate. Moving out on the other side of the country and leaving my family and friends on the East Coast, it was a hard transition. My home is here on the East Coast. I'm a West Virginia native."
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"He knows Coach Turner's offense like the back of his hand. He knows the plays and the terminologies."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"But as far as me abusing it and, you know, letting it take control over me, I don't do that, no."
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"Both are outstanding players, but the guy that affects the defense more than anyone is Randy Moss. I've never seen anyone who will back safeties up 20 years. And I think Minnesota is starting to see now, not only are they missing the big play potential, but the running game is affected as well because all of a sudden people play closer to the scrimmage. While T.O. is an outstanding player, I think Randy changes the game more than anyone."
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"likes the direction the franchise is moving."
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"I'm sticking by my friend and I'll support him and his family as he gets help battling his problem."
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"Ain't nothing but 10 grand. What's 10 grand to me?"
"That was really me talking in the past."
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"I'm going to have fun, (and) there are a lot of other players here who, if we keep it between the lines, they are going to have fun, also. I look for good things to happen out on this side of the coast."
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