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56 Dennis Rodman quotes:

"I go out there and get my eyes gouged, my nose busted, my body slammed. I love the pain of the game."
"I learned a lot I wouldn't have learned roaming the streets of Dallas."
"I spent money, I slept with women around the league, but I always kept my mind on the game."
"I spent my whole childhood looking for an escape."
"I think marriage and athletes is a bad combination."
"I've been homeless. I've worked at 7-Eleven."
"I've got to give Larry Bird his due; he was a great player. He knew the game and he was smart."
"The doors fly open when you're a professional athlete."
"The NBA's chosen ones think I'm setting a bad example? I think they need to look around and stop taking themselves so seriously."
"The people at the top of the league think they need to rein me in so I don't become another Michael Jordan, somebody they aren't able to mold and shape and make their puppet."
"This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is."
"With me, everything's right on the table."
"I do love animals,"
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"unique human being, who is not only a great athlete but also one of the best entertainers in the world."
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"I don't feel anything when I watch Shaquille O'Neal play. I don't feel anything coming off him."
"I want to do for rebounds what Michael Jordan did for dunks."
"I'm hungrier than those other guys out there. Every rebound is a personal challenge."
"In jail I was just like everybody else, I was sitting there praying, feeling caged."
"My rookie year, I was very immature."
"Why should I try to make you believe the things I believe in?"

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