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Mark Spitz Quotes

39 Mark Spitz quotes:

"If he wins seven golds and ties what I did, then it would be like I was the first man on the moon and he became the second. If he wins more than seven, then he becomes the first man on Mars. We'd both be unique."
"Everyone loves to be loved."
"I got beat real hard and heavy in the Olympic Games in 1968 by a guy who swam an incredible race one time in his whole life, but he did it right at the right time. I'd like to be that guy now. Maybe that's what I'm going to have to pull out of my hat to make the Olympic team."
"In everyday life there is always manana. There is no urgency."
"In my case, when my lifestyle was pretty good - I ate foods low in cholesterol and fat and exercised three or four times a week."
"It has nothing to do with swimming. That happens to be my sport. I'm trying to see how far I can go."
"My biggest loss was the Olympics. I just can't forget losing. I never will."
"I swam my brains out."
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"The memories of the Munich games for me are of triumph and tragedy."
"Life is true to form; records are meant to be broken."
"I'm trying to do the best I can. I'm not concerned with tomorrow, but with what goes on today."
"Because a known fact is better than an unknown fact."
"Did I take it all in on the awards stand? The only time I would have done that was my last event, because I was always thinking about the next one."
"I'm at the depot, and I'm not going anywhere. That's better to deal with than having to deal with the unknown. And the unknown is they don't want to fail. They don't want to pay the price unless there's a guarantee they're going to get there."
"Past performance speaks a tremendous amount about one's ability and likelihood for success."
"The only side effect of too much training is that you get into better shape. There is nothing wrong with that."
"The pool is terrible, but that doesn't have much to do with my record swims. That's all mental attitude."
"There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic."
"To be recognized as great is the culmination of a career, not a specific event. So we will have to wait and see, for Ian Thorpe."
"Well my thoughts on American swimming are that our prospects look favorable, but we may not have as strong a showing in the gold medal count as in previous Olympics. But I am not coaching."

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