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144 Alan Greenspan quotes:

"The very few times which we have intervened have occurred, ... when we believe the markets are unstable and that intervention might have an impact."
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"new innovations have begun to alter the manner in which we do business and create value, often in ways not readily foreseeable even five years ago."
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"In these circumstances, monetary policy is able to be more patient,"
"We cannot rule out a situation in which a preemptive policy tightening becomes necessary, ... Such caution seems especially warranted with regard to the sharp rise in equity prices during the past two years. These gains have obviously raised questions of sustainability."
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"...In an economy that already has lost some momentum, one must remain alert to the possibility that greater caution and weakening asset values in financial markets could signal or precipitate an excessive softening in household and business spending,"
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"The growing stability of the world economy over the past decade may have encouraged investors to accept increasingly lower levels of compensation for risk."
"Despite some of the risks that I have highlighted, the U.S. economy seems to be on a reasonably firm footing, and underlying inflation remains contained,"
"Technology and the Economy."
"profound implications for the free world's trading system and the long-term growth potential of the American economy."
"US has lost control of the deficit"
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"Large deficits will result in rising interest rates and an ever-growing ratio of debt service to GDP (gross domestic product),"
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"In the face of energy price spike and the erosion of optimism in financial markets, consumer confidence, or sentiment, appears to be holding up reasonably well to date, though there have been some mixed signals of late."
"Changes in consumer confidence will require close scrutiny in the period ahead, especially after the steep falloff of recent months,"
"There's potential for individual disaster there,"
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"The fear of job obsolescence,"
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"The current economic performance, with its combination of strong growth and low inflation, is as impressive as any I have witnessed in my near half-century of daily observation of the American economy,"
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"could certainly meet the fundamental criteria of being simple, fair, and pro-growth."
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"With production running well below sales, the lift to income and spending from the inevitable cessation of inventory liquidation could be significant,"
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"As the value of assets and liabilities have risen relative to income, we have been confronted with the potential for our economies to exhibit larger and perhaps more abrupt responses to changes in factors affecting the balance sheets of households and businesses,"
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"Such an increase in market value is too often viewed by market participants as structural and permanent, ... To some extent, those higher values may be reflecting the increased flexibility and resilience of our economy."
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