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Oksana Baiul Quotes

26 Oksana Baiul quotes:

"One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach - of course - and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful."
"Also, I gained lots of weight between ages 18-20 because I was drinking alcohol at night. Alcohol has lots of calories and that does not help."
"I skate now for fun and to keep myself in shape."
"I started taking ballet lessons when I was three and a half and I still take dance classes."
"I took some time off to enjoy my life, but figure skating is something I love and something I will continue doing for the rest of my life."
"I want kids to enjoy skating and I think it's a great workout."
"I will try to make a doll of Oksana with a little dog."
"I wish I could compete again, but my good feeling is, these competitions are better as exhibitions."
"I wish I could say it's easy, but honestly, to get ready for a big championship is not as easy as it seems."
"I'd like to consider myself a versatile skater and I like to skate to different kinds of music."
"If you want to compete, you must find a coach that will be there for you 24/7 and that will challenge you in order to take you to a higher level."
"Now, I don't make decisions as fast as I used to."
"Olympic Gold changed me and my life dramatically. I became a celebrity overnight and people see me as a famous skater, not a real person."
"Actually I dance really well on the floor."
"And still I'm not completely happy with my skating. I always feel I can do more and climb higher."
"First, I have to thank God for giving me the gift that he did as well as a second chance for a better life."
"I come to Fashion Week events in New York City twice a year."
"I don't care what the critics say or think because I care for and love my fans."
"I have a lot of different stages in my life when training has been easy or hard. Now, it seems that I have been training for so long that it has become almost second nature to me."
"I like to listen to different kinds of music - it just depends on my mood. I love Madonna, Russian singers... I like the Rolling Stones a lot!"

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