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29 Shaun Alexander quotes:

"Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them."
"I am a better running back every time I step on the field. I try to get better each game, each summer, each season."
"We're a passing team, there's no doubt about that, and we always have been. When you look up at the end of the year, we're going to have a lot of yards on the ground, and we're going to score a lot of touchdowns."
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"We realized what it takes to beat good teams. We got to see it in one crazy environment. D.C. has some loud, great fans. That was an eye-opener for us."
"I think that, come January, we will be one of the offenses that everybody is going to fear. Everybody forgets that Jacksonville and Atlanta have a very good defense. I think we've done well against them."
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"I walked in expecting to see Ken lying in a bed, ,"
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"My first day here, just like my first day at Alabama, I went and got the record books and looked it all up. It was like, 'OK, how hard is it going to be for me to get this thing?' I started setting goals to get them fast."
"He is definitely coming. This is my best friend. He'll be there, probably wearing a Pittsburgh jersey, but that's OK."
"We're just a team, and that's the greatest compliment that you can give."
"I told some of the guys before the game that playing aggressive and playing with passion is a choice. I said that everybody should make the choice today."
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"It was an emotional roller coaster -- going from Christmas, then your aunt dies, and then all the stats come out and you might get all these records. I've been asked, 'How do you feel?' Tired. I'm really blessed we do have this week off where I can kind of grab a hold back to reality."
"Ever since (childhood), I realized that one of the coolest things in the game is scoring touchdowns. And I think mentally that still drives me."
"Jerome is in a class of his own. He's much bigger than anybody else, and for him to have that speed and to be able to sidestep people, and then run through people, that puts him in a different class."
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"It's really funny because it was already in my mind to come in anyway. I prayed about it. It was just time. I knew this team could be special. I just felt like it was my time to come in. Tim made that offer as a gesture of goodwill when he didn't know me. It's all going to work out. I believe in that."
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"It's funny. Thank God everybody is safe."
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"You are making Mike look like a genius. Hopefully, we can prove you right Sunday."
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"This contract is truly a blessing. To be the highest running back ever is quite an honor. It's pretty good."
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"I think that we have a lot of guys that really need to rest up. They are playing hurt and playing beat up, which is football. But I think the timing is going to be good for us."
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"I think whenever you play football, at any time it could be your last play. I think that's the great thing about this sport. Every week and every play, you have to play like it's your last. I'll just go out there and play hard, and that's the best I can do."
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"I believe that Seattle is really, really close to being a dominant football team. We can have a great tradition for a long time. I want to be a part of that. But fair is fair. My gut tells me Seattle will be fair."
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