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"You have to be like a clock spring, wound but not loose at the same time."
"You have to go understand that life and baseball is littered with all kinds of obstacles and problems along the way. You have to learn how to overcome them to be successful in life."
"You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life."
"You know, many of you kids can't relate to what it takes to get to the top rung, the top of the heap, to have success. We're looking for things that come in a minute. It just doesn't happen."
"These days baseball is different. You come to spring training, you get your legs ready, you arms loose, your agents ready, your lawyer lined up."
"I never had to cheat, I get them with what I got."
"Everyone has a breaking point, turning point, stress point, the game is permeated with it. The fans don't see it because we make it look so efficient. But internally, for a guy to be successful, you have to be like a clock spring, wound but not loose at the same time."
"He didn't bask in fame or glory or the money he made. He relished in the notion that a little short kid from the projects in Chicago couldn't accomplish anything in life."
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"It won't taint (his memory). Leave it alone."
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