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"I definitely need the ball in my hands to shoot it, or to make decisions or to pass,"
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"I love Sacramento. This is a place I still enjoy, I still love the community here, this is a family oriented town, and I still get love from Sacramento. I didn't see any reason why I shouldn't have a restaurant here. This was the only place where I wanted to start this franchise."
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"Does that look like fun to you? There's a method to their madness."
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"Kevin Ollie, if I ever own a team, he?s gonna be the coach. Kevin Ollie is the man. ..As a team, he makes us go. Everything he does in practice, the way he conducts himself, to the way he plays in the game -- it?s not all talent, it?s effort."
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"I've had hard coaches all my life."
"To me, Sam is one of the best game-changing players I've every played with. When he has his mind and heart in the game, he really gives us a lot of confidence. When he's like that he makes up for a lot of things."
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"One thing good about the playoffs. You can erase all the regular-season mistakes if you go in and do something unexpected."
"I'm going to get a doctor's note. For me, it keeps down the swelling during the game. Believe me, tights are not something that I choose to wear because of fashion."
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"I don't think we've ever gone 19 straight field goals missed between 4:41 in the third and (1:05) in the fourth. Does the word 'aberration' (apply)? I can't see that happening again. It's sad that it happened tonight."
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"I've been in the league 12 years. To sit on the bench and complain about the way things were, that doesn't get anything done. I don't know. I'm playing for a championship and trying to make the playoffs. My effort has never changed."
"I'm definitely looking forward to getting back out on that floor and shooting and running back in the arena, getting used to Wachovia again,"
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"We're getting there. It's been tough every night, but we're getting there. We've got a lot of [young] guys getting on-the-job experience, so I give them credit."
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"Four of those jumpers, I hit him on the head on purpose. He was just hot."
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"I am blessed that I am feeling really good. Even when my body doesn't feel great, I feel like I know myself enough -- I've played with this injury enough -- to be able to navigate in certain games. I do feel like I'm getting stronger. It's the first time definitely in the last two years, so that feels good."
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"When you're missing 30 points, your defense better be a lot better."
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"I met people from every ethnicity imaginable, and I saw how they took pride in their history. It wasn't racial pride. They just held their traditions close."
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"I'm a professional; I feel I'm one of the best in the game."
"It's been tough every night, but we're getting there."
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"I have to tell you that first and foremost, defense is the problem."
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"We got some more rebounds and that's what we wanted to do. Sam and I work well together. It's fun being out there with athletic players."
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