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11 Richard Ford quotes:

"Writing is the only thing I've ever done with persistence, except for being married."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: American Author Quotes Persistence Quotes
"Married life requires shared mystery even when all the facts are known."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: American Author Quotes Facts Quotes
"There's a lot to be said for doing what you're not supposed to do, and the rewards of doing what you're supposed to do are more subtle and take longer to become apparent, which maybe makes it less attractive. But your life is the blueprint you make after the building is built."
"It's interesting to leave a place, interesting even to think about it. Leaving reminds us of what we can part with and what we can't, then offers us something new to look forward to, to dream about."
"Fear and hope are alike underneath."
"Fear and hope are alike underneath"
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"You want to make it diverse. It would be kind of a blah competition if you had all the same soil orders."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"We want to give brands more time around audiences, while still having our promotions outside the classroom."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"Construed as turf, home just seems a provisional claim, a designation you make upon a place, not one it makes on you. A certain set of buildings, a glimpsed, smudged window-view across a schoolyard, a musty aroma sniffed behind a garage when you were a child, all of which come crowding in upon your latter-day senses / those are pungent things and vivid, even consoling. But to me they are also inert and nostalgic and unlikely to connect you to the real, to that essence art can sometimes achieve, which is permanence."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"We want law and order, but want it in a matter of respect,"
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"It's not surprising. A lot of blacks didn't get to go to school. They were kept from being educated. It hasn't been a question of talent, it's been a question of opportunity."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: School Quotes

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