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Sarah Vowell Quotes

27 Sarah Vowell quotes:

"I get younger people who watch Conan or The Daily Show, but before that it was mostly people who knew me from public radio. Those people are kind of old."
"I seem to have no problem revealing my crush on the man who murdered Lincoln."
"I'm a big fan of editing and keeping only the interesting bits in."
"One night last summer, all the killers in my head assembled on a stage in Massachusetts to sing show tunes."
"So much of broadcasting hasn't really noticed that Watergate happened, that no one takes the voice of authority seriously anymore."
"The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Civil War-when I really think about them they all seem about as likely as the parting of the Red Sea."
"The whole point of Louis Armstrong is that no one can really figure him out. There was a while where I thought you could try."
"We go in to liberate Cuba, but Cuba still isn't free; we don't really think through what we'll do after the initial treaty is signed, but we're still occupying. There's chaos and torture and finally an outcry."
"What are you hiding? No one ever asks that."
"While I gave up God a long time ago, I never shook the habit of wanting to believe in something. So I replaced my creed of everlasting life with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
"Assassins and presidents invite the same basic question: Just who do you think you are?"
"I was a big Nancy Drew reader. Nancy figures it out. Case closed."
"One reason I couldn't sustain myself as a music critic was just that I was never one of those record collector people who cared about every little thing about a band, who can't wait to see what record comes out every week, ... For me, it was always more obsessive. I could listen to the same Jonathan Richman song over and over again. I came at it as a fan, but not a 'follow the beat' kind of fan. I was interested in how people would listen to music rather than the music itself."
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"It was such a great time for music. Being in college radio in the '80s, R.E.M. just happened, Elvis Costello was going strong. The biggest, most famous Seattle band was the Young Fresh Fellows. Our town was halfway between Seattle and Minneapolis on I-90, and so we got tons of shows just by virtue of being the gas-money stop on I-90."
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"Once a woman spilled a drink on me in an elevator, ... She was dancing and holding a mango margarita and she dumped it on me and tried to dab me with napkins. I said, 'Don't touch me!' and she recognized my voice from This American Life ."
"The one time I was an actor, it happened to be in a globally dominant juggernaut. That was lucky."
"I make my living half as a critic, so I think that opinionated would be a good thing for a critic to be. And I think crankiness has some sort of connotation of individualism,"
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"It's only been recently that I've become semi-convinced that you can (earn a living as a writer)."
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"History is full of really good stories. That's the main reason I got into this racket: I want to make the argument that history is interesting."
"I didn't come from any kind of academic background, but I lived in a college town and I knew people who weren't without pretense. There was this idea in the town that if something was European it would be good."

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