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Mercedes Lackey Quotes

6 Mercedes Lackey quotes:

"I always work from an outline, so I know all the of the broad events and some of the finer details before I begin writing the book."
"Time doesn't. All that Time does is make it more distant, put more space between you and what happened. It doesn't heal anything. I don't know how or what does the healing, but it isn't Time."
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"I try to use all of my senses when describing a setting, and try to think of everything that would impact a character in any given scene."
"Magic, like technology, is a tool."
"It makes sense for people who are good at fighting to go out and do it-because if they're good at it, that means the fewest number of other people die."
"There's always going to be fighting. People of honor have to be a part of that, because if they aren't, the only ones fighting will be the ones who don't care, who have no honor, and no concern for how many others die if all the fighting is done by people with no conscience, there won't be any safety anywhere for the people who only want peace."

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