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"Louis Pasteur said, 'Chance favors the prepared mind.' If you're really engaged in the writing, you'll work yourself out of whatever jam you find yourself in."
"People keep saying, 'Oh, you're getting all these great reviews, that must make you really happy.' I guess it does, but mostly it's just a relief."
"So it was scary, but that's how it goes. To my great delight, I discovered that it did all belong."
"That was all very nice of them. They didn't have to do anything because I wasn't officially involved at all."
"That's the best thing about writing, when you're in that zone, you're porous, ready to absorb the solution."
"The 'Talk of the Town' was really that in the 1940s: it was all about New York, it was only about New York, and it was about people."
"The things I keep going back to, rereading, maybe they say more about me as a reader than about the books. Love in the Time of Cholera, Pale Fire."
"What's going to be hard for me is to try to divorce myself as much as possible from what I wrote. I'll have to approach it simply as raw material and try to craft a film script out of it."
"It was the beginning of youth culture and pandering to youth culture, ... In that, the comic book publishers were definitely pioneers."
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"Did I really win? ... I had kind of figured it was not my year. My goodness, this is exciting."
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