Robert Sheckley Quotes

30 Robert Sheckley quotes:

"I've always thought of absurdism as a French fad I'd like to belong to."
"It takes me a long time to get with a landscape. It took me 20 years before I wrote anything about Ibiza, and I haven't written about Oregon yet, although I've been there 20 years - possibly I'm almost due."
"Once you find you can't walk as far and as fast as you were able, life becomes more complicated."
"Science fiction is very healthy in its form."
"So I try to stick with the structure, make the sentences work, and not to follow one sentence of 114 words with another of the same length."
"So I wrote what I hoped would be science fiction, I was not at all sure if what I wrote would be acceptable even. But I don't say that I consciously wrote with humour. Humour is a part of you that comes out."
"The absurdist stuff wasn't terribly popular at the time I was doing it."
"The British audience was very important to me. I have always looked away from American to non-American audiences and so this was important."
"There is a great deal of cyberpunk that I admire, especially the work of William Gibson which I think is excellent. Somehow he speaks from his own heart and cyber punk is what comes out."
"There's no sense going crazy over this stuff. Short stories help me with that, since you can do a story in anywhere from one day to a week."

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