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Brian Lamb Quotes

11 Brian Lamb quotes:

"It's easier to fix damage than it is to create it."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: American Businessman Quotes Create Quotes
"My basic approach to interviewing is to ask the basic questions that might even sound naive, or not intellectual. Sometimes when you ask the simple questions like 'Who are you?' or 'What do you do?' you learn the most."
"When you add it all up, I've committed about 1.8 years of my life to reading books for the series. It's time to use all those hours in other ways."
"My number one goal was not getting 'A's' - and I proved it. I was a 'C' student. You have to be ready to learn. If you're not interesting in learning, it doesn't work. As I grew older and wanted to learn and desperately wanted inside information, learning was a lot easier."
"Lamb's show was the most straitlaced stream-of-consciousness bit of showbiz on a rigidly anti-showbiz outlet in the history of entertainment."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: Consciousness Quotes
"Even though their car didn't do so well, it was a tremendously creative design."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"It's very nice to be able to write something you don't have to get four other people to agree with before it can become authoritative."
"From the beginning, we promised folks that they'll see whatever event we cover in its entirety, from gavel to gavel - whether it's the House of Representatives or the Senate. That's the whole reason for being."
"I don't, for the record, have a Tweety Bird fetish."
"It's one of the most exciting things we do. There are a lot of sharp people in education and we are able to show that. The best part is the spontaneity of it all."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"In May, we could see things were going from beginning to end, ... But it was a fragile system, and we had to harden it so it could handle the rigors of daily use."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes

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