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Mark Burnett Quotes

6 Mark Burnett quotes:

"Having book smarts versus street smarts seemed like a great idea but it changed the tenor of the show, ... It affected the reaction among the show's usually wealthy and well-educated audience. I don't think people wanted to see potty-mouthed competitors."
"I heard my name associated with the Peter Pan syndrome more than once. But really, what's so wrong with Peter Pan? Peter Pan flies. He is a metaphor for dreams and faith."
"I needed to be in the bush. There I find solitude and beauty and purity and focus. That's where my heart lies."
"I met with Martha and Sharon to see if there are any opportunities in syndication. My vision says her customers and fans are still loyal to her. I don't think the Martha Stewart brand loyalty has changed."
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"Rock stars are colorful personalities and charismatic performers who make great reality TV characters,"
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"[Meanwhile, applications and casting calls are already in progress for the second season of] The Apprentice. ... Be energetic, be driven, be focused."
Author: Burnett Quotes Category: Progress Quotes

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