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Trip Hawkins Quotes

28 Trip Hawkins quotes:

"From day one our next generation system will run all our exsisting software - so that gives us a head start."
"Lower labor costs and tax benefits have, for example, caused publishers like EA, UbiSoft, and others to move more production to Canada."
"None of our competitors have ever made two systems that run the same software."
"The only problem we've had is the amount of time it's taking people to develop titles."
"The way companies hang on to their marketshare is by being scared."
"What that means initially is that you have alot of products that are only slightly better games in the same genre on another machine - and the titles that really take advantage of the machine come along later."
"Besides, games like total eclipse and john madden football combine great texture-mapping and polygon rendering, and that's a pretty satisfactory experience right now."
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"I heard about one very active online game in which two avatars [highly customizable drawings or photos of people, animals, cartoon characters, or inanimate objects that online users employ as identification in communicating with their peers] got married in the game. Later, I found out that the two people behind the avatars really did get married. And have children!"
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