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35 Martina Hingis quotes:

"Probably I was a little more determined, even more hungry."
"Maybe all these three years, I freshened up a little. I'm just really enjoying every second of being around here."
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"You still hope, you know? I mean, I thought it might be out, but it was a very close call, so you can. Maybe something happens."
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"I don't think anyone wants to lose the third round of the tournament. That's definitely one of the goals that I try to move up as soon as possible so I don't have to face someone like Lindsay in the (fourth) round. But it's here right now and one of us has to leave the tournament. But you know, I think we both give it the best shots, but that's the game."
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"I still love the game."
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"It was definitely a good performance today. I played smart and concentrated throughout the whole match. It was key in the first games to hold serve."
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"I've got a couple of days' rest now, so I'll just try to flush it out before next week. I've got some time."
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"It takes me a little while to read, but I just really like playing here. In the past I had really good results, so those memories are kicking in as well."
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"She didn't really give me many chances. I just didn't get many opportunities to really do too much with balls. She doesn't make many errors, which she probably still did in Tokyo. Against her, you don't get away with much."
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"You have to believe that down deep otherwise I wouldn't come back."
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"That gave me a lot of confidence making the last eight and showed I had some kind of game. It exceeded my expectations....The confidence, it showed in today's game. The potential is there and I can improve every week."
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"We worked hard all season to get ourselves into this position, ... I was very happy to be part of this team and get them going. I knew when the guys lost the first set of doubles I had to step up and get us a lead."
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"Melbourne gave me a lot of confidence. And I think that confidence showed here today. I've been improving every week I play."
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"Beating Lindsay today here under these circumstances on this occasion, it's definitely not easy mentally for me to play her. Now I know that I have the potential to meld with the best."
"I felt I had the game under control and whenever I needed it I was able to step it up. I wasn't thinking that I was going to lose the set because I felt she always had ups and downs. So did I, but every time I needed it I knew I could pressure her."
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