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Jonah Goldberg Quotes

9 Jonah Goldberg quotes:

"Meryl Streep once testified famously before Congress, saying that she was there to represent the uninformed. Now, that sums it up pretty well when it comes to these celebrity issues."
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"The problem with the United Nations is that while democracy within nations is the best available form of government, democracy among nations can be a moral disaster -- especially if some nations are not democracies."
"If we say that anyone who "moralizes" must be perfect morally then we are in effect saying no one can moralize."
"Liberty has turned into licentiousness, and tolerance for dissenters has become little more than rank relativism and nihilism. All perspectives are equally valid, which means no perspective is truly valid."
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"This is not a story anymore about George Bush's service in the National Guard. It's a story about CBS."
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"If power made one evil, then God would be the Devil."
"Our fear of hypocrisy is forcing us to live in a world where gluttons are fine, so long as they champion gluttony."
"Fox simply has an immunity to a lot of criticism, ... The base who's watching has already signed up; they're loyal. And the only place they're going to hear about criticism of Fox News is on Fox News."
"Getting the support of Syria is the moral equivalent of winning the Klan's endorsement - it might be useful but it doesn't necessarily speak well of you."

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