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9 Victoria Gotti quotes:

"We're just thankful having him here and to be spending Christmas together as a family. It's been seven years since John has been here."
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"the day I found out, the day I got my mammogram and the doctor told me I had breast cancer, it was mid-November."
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"Everyday since this happened, people have been asking me, 'Well, do you have cancer? Or is it not?' ... There's no easy way to explain that. It is the illness. You have to look it up to understand it."
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"If you look it up on the Internet, it is cancer."
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"I have no law degree. I never had a law degree. I don't know where that got started."
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"God hears a mother's prayer."
"Don't worry, we can fix that. I can fix that."
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"This is something they always wanted to do. They were involved in everything from ordering the booths to learning to supervise. They will be making the decisions."
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"John Gotti was an incredible man and I know he would have been impressed by the hundreds of people who turned out to pay their respects."

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