Lawrence Korb Quotes

7 Lawrence Korb quotes:

"The real issue here is that you have a policy that is costing us money, hurting readiness and is really not fulfilling any national security objective."
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"They haven't made the hard choices. You can't fund all of these weapons systems."
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"What it's going to mean is some short-term gains, but a long-term disaster. You're going to have less research and development as you get down to probably four major companies."
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"We need to stop spending money on those weapons systems that do not advance national security."
"With Guard and Reserve units, you can end up with a lot of people from one part of the country dying in one day, and that gets people's attention."
"This is still a man's profession, with a lot of men who intellectually and emotionally have not accepted that the military could be women's work."
"There's been an increase in the number of Iraqis in training, but more Americans are dying and violence is increasing."

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