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53 Tim Robbins quotes:

"There are dumb actors. But there are dumb politicians and dumb bakers."
"When you make the judgement as a network that there are only three candidates, you are censoring points of view."
"I love iconoclasts. I love individuals. I love people that are true to themselves, whatever the cost."
"My philosophy is, don't take no for an answer and be willing to sacrifice your entire project for freedom."
"I'm the kind of person who does not remember bad things."
"Americans accept that gangsters are running the government."
"Every man dies. Not every man lives."
"Bush is very clever. When the debate should have been about the deterioration of our cities and the lack of action by government, he sent in his idiot to make an outrageous statement about Murphy Brown."
"I'm six foot four and a half and I have a temper. It's reserved for very important issues. If someone is asking me to make an artistic concession, then I'll become a madman."
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"If I'm a commodity, it wouldn't be a wise idea to buy stock in me - although, in the long run, maybe I'm a slow growth investment."
"Altman was told they wouldn't do the film with me. He could easily have abandoned me, but he stood by me and really bailed me out."
"American people are not evil. Given information, they will do the right thing. But they're not given the information."
"Any time you're trying to do a movie with a happy ending, it's very difficult because it's been done before and you don't want to be manipulative."
"Considering the fact that I've used it in the past, and know what it is, and seen the results of it, I don't view marijuana as a dangerous drug."
"Directing is creating a whole. You're able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision."
"I couldn't care less about being a presenter at the Oscars."
"I don't care about Clinton's haircuts or his affairs or any of that stuff."
"I don't know if I ever really bought into the eternal damnation bit."
"I don't think people have been able to deal with the fact that African American filmmakers can make movies about life and relationships."
"I have personal beliefs and they are sometimes reflected in the movies I make, but I also reflect other points of view."

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