Judge M. Lane Quotes

29 Judge M. Lane quotes:

"As a matter of fact, on the TV court you actually probably have more time to present your case than you would in a regular small claims court."
"I don't call it my show, I call it our show. And it's a lot of fun to do."
"I think some cases should be dismissed as being non meritorious or frivolous."
"The production is great, the producers do a heck of a job. And, yes, it's fun doing the work. In the course, the economic payback isn't too bad either."
"But I always say this: I don't care where you get, if you don't remember a lot of folks helped you get there, you're nothing but a damned ingrate."
"But if you're saying, can judges do a better job? The answer is, you bet."
"I think judges have some benign power, like to say that the lights have to be turned on, the county commission has to pay the bills so you can operate the court."
"Well, I think, unfortunately, the application of the system sometimes is not fair. I think that's something that we have to work out - work at very, very, very hard."
"And I think, one, a lot of judges don't work hard enough, don't spend enough time, don't rule quickly enough and delay too much."
"But judges don't - should not go willy-nilly changing the rules of the game if they happen to like to do. If you do that, in my view, you have anarchy, you have no real sound principles that we all operate under."
"On the other hand, every now and again somebody deserves a pat on the back and some compliment and some encouragement. I think you've got to do that, too."
"Well, I was a referee. I've since retired from that. I was a fighter and I took up refereeing as a hobby after I retired from being a competitive fighter. And see, I've got no nose."
"You've got to be big enough to say I was wrong, have your administrative assistant get the lawyers, get the litigants back in, and be big enough to go on the record and correct it."
"And I think we've got to be treated with dignity as Americans, and that has to do with the educational process of people on the bench, lawyers, people in law enforcement and people that have to do with the system."
"But if somebody goes to a juvenile facility in lockup and then thereafter they become an adult, maybe they can then be transferred to an adult facility."
"But the other side of that coin is some things, issues and cases, take consideration. There is no quick fix."
"I believe that sometimes people have got to have their butts chewed and you've got to be rough on them."
"Laws are changed all the time, but the legislature primarily makes the law."
"Well, judges take offense to that if they're called an activist judge. But the fact of the matter is if the shoe fits, you've got to put it on. There are judges that do that."
"I think Judge Mathis is a good person. He's a friend of mine. And I assume he's a good judge."

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