Judge M. Lane Quotes

29 Judge M. Lane quotes:

"I worked on weekends. I worked every weekend. We had some judges that worked weekends and some that didn't."
"If you've got a case that's due out or you have a trial starting Monday morning, and you haven't read the file, you haven't done the homework and done the research, you ought to be in there Saturday and if necessary Sunday. That goes with the territory."
"In the beginning, I don't think any juvenile of kinder years, of young age like that, should be in an adult facility. I think that is in and of itself criminal."
"There are some judges that in my view do cross the line. They try to make up the law as they go along. Those judges, in my view, respectfully, do not honor their oath. Their oath is to construe the law and follow the law the legislature enacts."
"However, when you hear somebody's case, they're entitled to two things: to believe that somebody's listening to the facts, trying to decide what the truth is, and applying the law applicable to that case."
"I'll never forget where I came from and the folks that helped me, and I feel very, very fortunate."
"If you litigate, you're entitled to litigate and you're entitled to have the issues explored completely."
"If you run - if you give the gavel to a lawyer, they'll take it."
"Well, I think you've get to get people on the bench, and the police and people in law enforcement to recognize that we're all Americans. We're not black Americans, white Americans, red Americans: We're all Americans."

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