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54 Calvin Klein quotes:

"I love that in the clothes, the body is what stands up, the person."
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"The clothes are softer. There's a whole mood towards pretty, soft, easy, romantic, full, relaxed, and it's reflected in the makeup and in the hair."
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"I'm a sexual person, and that's reflected in my clothes and my advertisements."
"Commercials capture your attention, that's all."
"I don't think about my fame very much."
"I don't trust a lot of journalists."
"If I allow journalists to describe a collection and they make mistakes, I'm upset, because the retractions are never noticed."
"Levi's can produce many more Western jeans than we can and make them at a better price."
"No 27-year-old has the experience to run a company that does a quarter of a billion dollars a year in sales."
"People read things into my commercials that don't even exist."
"What we're doing is fun - if you have any sense of humor at all!"
"Women's Wear Daily can do more than any other publication to establish a designer."
"Either very curved and shaped to a woman's body or cut straight from the shoulder and boxy and short."
Author: Klein Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"I could't have gotten to the place where I am if I had been tripping on acid during the day."
"I've been strong and determined all my life about many things I've wanted."
"I've met people who didn't even know there was a Calvin Klein; they thought it was just the name of a product."
"It's fun seeing my label on someone's behind - I like that."
"My men's-underwear print ads are very popular!"
"My wardrobe consists of antique clothes, many of my designs, plus shoes and shirts from Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuart."
"People in their 70s can still have incredible lives. Health is the most important thing."

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