Albert B. Hart Quotes

26 Albert B. Hart quotes:

"Each colony became accustomed to planting new settlements and to claiming new boundaries."
"Everywhere among the English-speaking race criminal justice was rude, and punishments were barbarous; but the tendency was to do away with special privileges and legal exemptions."
"Foreseeing the struggle, the French began to construct a chain of forts connecting the St. Lawrence settlements with the Mississippi."
"In 1763 the English were the most powerful nation in the world."
"New Englanders were settled in compact little communities; they liked to live near the church, and where they could unite for protection from enemies."
"The colonies had little occasion to feel or to resent direct royal prerogative."
"The participation of the people in their own government was the more significant, because the colonies actually had what England only seemed to have, - three departments of government."
"In appearance the labor system of all the colonies was the same."
"In some of the middle colonies the towns and counties were both active and had a relation with each other which was the forerunner of the present system of local government in the Western States."
"More emphasis was thus thrown upon the local governments than in England."
"The growth of constitutional government, as we now understand it, was promoted by the establishment of two different sets of machinery for making laws and carrying on government."
"The people on both sides of the water were accustomed to an orderly government, in which laws were made and administered with regularity and dignity."
"The English common law was accepted in all the colonies, but it was modified everywhere by statutes, according to the need of each colony."
"To some degree the colonial conception of government had been affected by the English Commonwealth of 1649, and the English Revolution of 1688."
"The county was also organized in New England, but took on chiefly judicial and military functions, and speedily abandoned local administration."
"Washington's defeat in 1754 was followed by active military preparations on both sides."
"The residence of the Plymouth settlers in the Netherlands, and the later conquest of the Dutch colonies, had brought the Americans into contact with the singularly wise and free institutions of the Dutch."
"From William of Orange to William Pitt the younger there was but one man without whom English history must have taken a different turn, and that was William Pitt the elder."
"In any event, colonization and the grant of lands were provincial matters."
"In each colony in 1750 were to be found two sets of governing organizations, - the local and the general."

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