Rebecca Miller Quotes

11 Rebecca Miller quotes:

"I never had any desire to become a well-known actress."
"I don't like getting patted down and taking off my shoes at the airport."
"I have never gone through this before and of course fear is right there. But we are just so, we believe firmly in faith and that has been what has pulled us through these months. all you can do is just have faith and hope for the best and pray that God will keep everything where it is suppose to be."
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"We were in bed and we heard someone's fire alarm go off, started smelling smoke and looked out the window, everyone was outside, so we just rushed out and saw everything was on fire."
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"Ambition can be a disease, and it feeds on itself."
"Every milieu has something ridiculous about it - film-making, the music world, painting - because people who take themselves seriously become funny pretty quickly."
"I was an anorexic, beer drinking, class cutting, doodling, shoplifting, skater chick that was into nature, art class, and the beach."
"I've always been fascinated by the way that children and animals suffer stoically in a way that I don't think adults do."
"Nobody is so weird others can't identify with them."
"That's one thing I find about having children - it does unlock a door that separates you from other women who've had children."
"The quality of life decreases with heightened security."

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