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33 Bob Edwards quotes:

"At a tiny station in New Albany, Indiana, which is right across from the river from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. The Louisville stations were loath to hire beginners, so I had to go across the river."
"If you want anything done well, do it yourself. This is why most people laugh at their own jokes."
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"A little learning is a dangerous thing, but a lot of ignorance is just as bad."
"Good things just keep happening."
"Any outfit that has to beg its listeners for money is an organization that has to constantly please its listeners or it will dry up and go away. It shouldn't work when you think about it."
"Nobody cares about your wardrobe, what your tie looks like, or even if you're wearing one, and I don't."
"Between 2 and 5 I'm reading in to find out what's been going on while I've been asleep."
"For one thing, you can get old, fat, bald and nobody knows and nobody cares. So there's great longevity in radio, more security there."
"I go home by noon, and I'm in bed by 6 p.m. I get up at 1 and do it again."
"I got to know every format of every station and who was on and what time."
"I think we're doing the right things for the right reasons. We're not doing it to sell products. We're not doing it to be popular. We're doing it because in our judgment these stories are important to do, and at this length and this much depth."
"I used to listen to the soap operas with my grandmother."
"I wake about 1 a.m. I'm in the office by 2 a.m. We're on the air at 5."
"I wanted to be one of the voices in the box."
"I was 3 in 1950. And I loved the radio."
"I was encouraged to read aloud in class and vocalize."
"I'm still excited at being at a microphone and talking to listeners. I love that. It's the most basic element of what I do and I still enjoy it very much."
"I've never been able to predict the future of anything."
"In college, I got interested in news because the world was coming apart. The civil rights movement, the antiwar movement, the women's right movement. That focused my radio ambitions toward news."
"In my case, the listener is often in an automobile driving to work. You can concentrate on the road while still getting an audio message that can be riveting."

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