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39 Lisa Guerrero quotes:

"I get back from my run and turn on SportsCenter, then I do my research preparing for football season, and at night I go to games."
"And I'm proud of what I do as a professional, too."
"Constantly there's a credibility issue; you're judged on how you look. If you look good, people assume you aren't credible. It's a battle you'll always fight if you're on TV and a female."
"In terms of broadcasting, you have to make decisions about where you want to spend your time."
"When I found out I got this job, I cried, of course - I'm a girly-girl - and then I called my dad, and he cried, too. On so many levels, this is a thrill for me."
"Since I left Sunset Beach, it's been non-stop. All that growth happened really fast, and at the rate it's going, I want to stick with it."
"Being attractive and being credible can and do go together."
"I was so afraid that the athletes wouldn't talk to me because I'm a woman."
"I'm proud of being Hispanic."
"In the morning, I reach for the sports page."
"No, one of the great things about my three-year deal is that it's year-round. They've offered me an opportunity to cover a lot of things in the offseason, too."
"On my morning run, I listen to sports talk radio."
"And that Michael Irvin would care more about his wardrobe than I would?"
"I know I'll be under a spotlight, I know I'll be under the microscope."
"I want to know about what makes an athlete tick."
"I've always been the only girl in those environments. It's comfortable for me - I prefer it, actually."
"My approach is a very human one, as a fan."
"My mom died when I was 8."
"So I plan to prepare thoroughly and have several outfits waiting in the wings in case of inclement weather."
"Television is a visual medium, and you want to look good, but beyond that it's about reporting, about giving information to the viewers."

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