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"Tony Blair - good thing there are not parliamentary elections in this country."
"Tony Blair barely escaped this year, and now George W. Bush, if elections were to be held today, would be in a serious challenge as well."
"We will wait to see if it is a doozy before we decide how to cover it, and what it all means."
"We're not paying attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton is running in 2006. Everyone is looking to her for the future. It's the same with anybody else who's positioning themselves."
"Whatever their motivations, lawmakers on both side of the aisle have certainly discovered that immigration is one of those issues that resonate strongly with the public."
"When the President was asked about global warming at a public appearance yesterday, he responded by talking about America's addiction to oil. You make the connection."
"You would like me to say that the veil will be ripped from the voters' eyes sometime between now and November, thereby restoring the proper version of Democracy to the House and Senate. I won't say that, of course. The simple reason is, I don't know."
"Nobody does commercial TV out of the goodness of their heart. There has to be a market-driven financial incentive, an economic imperative. Katie was wildly successful for so long, she created a market incentive. It made economic sense for CBS."
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