Armstrong Williams Quotes

28 Armstrong Williams quotes:

"That is what great athletes can do: they give us a model of striving for human perfection."
"The country remains dependent on oil. But as we are now learning, oil is becoming increasingly scarce."
"The greatest job I ever had was working on my family farm. Each morning my father would come into my bedroom around 4:30 am and command me to get up and work the fields. I would spend the next two hours before school slopping pigs and cropping tobacco."
"The liberation of Iraq was part of a broader effort to seriously confront the greatest threat to world security: rogue states capable of obtaining long range weapons of mass destruction."
"Therefore the great mediator of any community is human morality."
"Very simply, the culture of another people does not have to be accepted when it is subhuman!"
"We tend to admire the people in our society who have accumulated such wealth as to seem somehow great. But we shouldn't forget that it was the everyday working class man who made this country great."
"You must develop personal contacts if you want to be successful."

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