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"Supreme Court arguments and decisions are fascinating to a few of us and really pretty boring to most."
"But doing what I do, you will never get unanimity of people."
"Certainly the O.J. Simpson case was a turning point in my career."
"I read our emails every day and I know there are people out there who think I'm awful."
"I think as long as the vast majority of people think I'm doing a good job, even if they don't agree with me, then I'm doing my job right."
"I think by laying it out for the viewer I'm avoiding the issue of bias."
"I think that in the end, a talk show is a very different animal."
"I'm not going to let people get away with either a dishonest or inaccurate premise to what we're talking about because I think that does the viewer a disturbance."
"Some people think I'm a total moron and I would hope most people think I'm very good at what I do."
"They can say I have an opinion about something."
"You can be a great reporter and not be such a great talk show host."
"The Rotary Club will do the work, because business people are busy. But the impact and the value of this will be to the business."
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