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Howard Fineman Quotes

7 Howard Fineman quotes:

"As Walter Cronkite would say, that's the way it is."
"It's hard to know now who, if anyone, in the media has any credibility."
"Remember the picture of the president in the classroom, being told of the attack by chief of staff Andy Card? The American people thought they were seeing a man suddenly thrust into a grave challenge no one could have anticipated."
"The ferocity with which the presidential press corps went after the Karl Rove story is startling, but it shouldn't be surprising."
"The party that had nominated Clinton in 1992 eventually impeached him, thanks in good part to information supplied by GOP investigators."
"I know that from the days of Watergate... the notion of two sources on a story has become the popular dogma about how you confirm something. And there is a lot of truth to that, but there are all kinds of ways to check to the extent that you can, a story that you get."
"When Americans invade Iraq, Bush says, we will be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people, proving that taking out Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do."

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