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Neil Sheehan Quotes

8 Neil Sheehan quotes:

"The NRC looks at on-site response and (Federal Emergency Management Agency) evaluates the off-site response, ... The exercise is designed to make sure the emergency plans are capable of doing the job. The plan is a living document that needs to constantly be evaluated and upgraded."
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"The risk significance is low in terms of public health and safety, ... We're talking about a small amount of water. We're doing a special investigation because we want to make sure that (Entergy) has their hands around the extent of the cracking, the extent of the leakage, and determine exactly where this moisture originated."
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"You have to look at the broader perspective here. Before companies even submit applications (for license renewal) they have to do a tremendous amount of advance work."
"Just because you put higher-octane gasoline in your car doesn't mean you can break the speed limit. The speed limit's still 65."
"People talked to me in a way I think they would not have talked to somebody who hadn't shared the experience; they gave me their papers, they gave me their diaries. I found people constantly opening up to me. And I think they did because I had shared that experience with them."
"I think you have to remember that Americans saw their purpose as so innately good that they could excuse the pain they would inflict on others to carry out those purposes. Because the purposes were so good, they would justify this pain we were inflicting on other people."
"We thought that whatever we wanted to do was right and good, simply because we were Americans, and we would succeed at it because we were Americans."
"You remember all those phrases about how "these people" - Asians - don't value human life like we do. Well if you spend any time around them, you discover that they love their children just as much as we love ours. That is certainly true of the Vietnamese."

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