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"Not since Richard Nixon stiffed the Congress during Watergate has a White House so openly and arrogantly defied Congress' investigative authority. Nor has any activity by the Bush administration more strongly suggested they are hiding incriminating information about their relationship with the now-moribund Enron, or other heavy-hitting campaign contributors from the energy business."
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"Our history here in Sackets Harbor, our whole renaissance that's taken place over the last 25-30 years, is based on the fact that the community has come to understand how important it's history is, and how important it's history is to our future as well."
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"I failed to convince President Nixon that morning and the rest, as they say, is history."
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"There's no hard evidence offered whatsoever in this piece, no corroborating evidence, no inside information only Deep Throat would know,"
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"As we looked into it, we found there's a lot of risk associated with these things."
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"I think it's important that the committee sometimes hear from the dark side. Those of us from that perspective can add some insights that might not otherwise be available to a body like this."
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