John Burke Quotes

5 John Burke quotes:

"If you remain too local, you become limited and parochial. In the other direction, you can become too detached from the people you are aiming to serve."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"It's worked out so far, but a wireless alert wouldn't hurt,"
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"He controlled the night in the city of Albany. Everything had to go through him, whether you were working with another agency, you had to go through him. If you wanted to make an arrest, you had to go through him, unless, of course, a cop witnessed a crime."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"If you had a high-risk search, he would be the first to go through the door."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"We would have our traffic-safety officer review the egress in and out of the driveway."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Safety Quotes

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