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"Then when I was in grammar school I played the clarinet, and then, after clarinet I played the flute in college orchestra - besides singing in the college chorus and things like that."
"It's not that I don't love the song. My songs are like my children: some you want around and some you want to send off to college as soon as possible."
"I grew up in a time when being a musician and learning to be a musician was actually very wonderful."
"I've got one week left, and then I'm done for a year. I haven't had a sabbatical, I haven't taken a year off from touring in 15 years at least."
"Part of our responsibility as parents, as adults, is to set examples for children. But we have to like children in order to be really happy fulfilled adults."
"I like to use the audience as my color palette, my instrument."
"If I can bring joy into the world, if I can get people to stop thinking about their pain for a moment, or the fact the tomorrow morning they're going to get up and tell their boss off. . . then I'll be successful."
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"If I can delay that [pain] for a moment and bring a little joy. . . and help them to see things a little differently, then I'll be successful."
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"The true musician is to bring light into people's hearts."
"When I'm on stage by myself, I don't have to think about anything. I don't have to worry about anything because I'm not responsible for anything except just opening my mouth and making sure music comes out."

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