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5 Peter Buck quotes:

"I don't take sports seriously although I like that Scottish thing where they throw the poles. I'm down with that."
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"Almost all the fans I meet are pretty cool people. They're intelligent and tend to think about things a bit more than your average rock'n'roll fans: sensible people I wouldn't mind having a drink with."
"We can all make music individually. But we are smart enough to know that the music we make together is far better."
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"We're the acceptable edge of the unacceptable stuff."
"I'm not going to say anything nasty about golf. I have a standing offer - and I've told this to Bill and Mike - that if they ever do a charity golf thing again, I will get knickers and a tweed cap and, never having touched a golf club in my life, I will take mushrooms and do a full eighteen holes. As long as is televised."
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