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William Hague Quotes

6 William Hague quotes:

"The Deputy Prime Minister will present a bill that is rambling, over-inflated, illogical and ridiculously cumbersome - funny coincidence, that."
Author: Hague Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"It would have been a major disaster if the bag had fallen open."
Author: Hague Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"There is a choice. There is no excuse for giving up on Britain. We are surrendering to the European Union our ability to run our own affairs."
Author: Hague Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We think a great crisis is coming for Europe. The last thing Britain should do is associate ourselves with the fastest shrinking part of the world economy."
Author: Hague Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Wouldn't it be better to have a watertight law designed to catch the guilty, rather than a press release law designed to catch the headlines?"
"We have to face the reality of climate change. It is arguably the biggest threat we are facing today."

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